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Curved Tetra Pak Packaging Bamboo Fiber Straws

Curved Tetra Pak Packaging Bamboo Fiber Straws


Our certified compostable and plastic free straws are made with 100% plant-based ingredients using real bamboo fiber that can be composted over time.

Bamboo Fiber Straws

  • 7¾ inches
  • White
  • Individually wrapped
  • Bamboo Fiber 
  • Single use


Dimensions  6 mm or customize
Color  Natural Plant Color
Material  Natural Plants, Bamboo Fiber, Starch
Feature  Biodegradable, Disposable, Compostable
Application  Restaurants, Picnic, Store, Bar, Hotel, Shop,Bamboo Fiber Straws
Usage  Drinking Bamboo Fiber Straws
Certification  FDA,LFGB,ROHS
Heat Resistance  -20°C ~ 80°C



Bamboo Fiber Straws Bamboo Fiber Straws  Bamboo Fiber Straws


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